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Healthy Tip of The Week (HTW)- March 19 - March 25
"When you're working in the cold, be prepared and be aware! When workers do jobs in the cold, there are many risks. Some cold weather...
Monday, March 19th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Science To Action In Reducing Health Risks
Stakeholder Briefing Series Monday March 19th 2018, 8:30am to 12:00pm Registration & Breakfast: 8:30 to 9:00am Location: 50 Haven Avenue, Bard...
Monday, March 19th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Article in Environment
Healthy Tip of The Week (HTW)- March 12 - March 18
Do you have an escape plan in case a fire happens in your home? Only 26 percent of families actually have a home fire escape plan. Most people don...
Monday, March 12th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Join the Teen Program at the Harlem YMCA and be part of great programs for free! Programs include: Leaders Club and Teen Center! Participate in...
Monday, March 5th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
NYC Dept of Education Hiring New Employees
The NYC Dept of Education is now hiring. The functional title of these new hires will be Incident Intake Specialist in the Office of Safety and Youth...
Monday, November 13th, 2017 from GetHealthyHarlem.org
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